360° boating data management

Marine Data Cloud Ltd is a UK registered software company developing exclusively the online marine data platform of TheBoatApp and TheBoatDB.

All your marine life, fully catalogued, organised and backed-up, accessible from anywhere, on any device, online as well as offline.

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Search and compare multiple boats, performance ratios and much more. Add your boat and benchmark it against others.

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Our story

The inception took place back in the summer of 2015. Fast forwarding to 2019, and after excessive investigation and blueprinting of mariners’ and the wider boating community’s data and tasks management needs, Marine Data Cloud Ltd was established in London, England, and the core team has been formally assembled. A group of professional team members comprised of boat enthusiasts, graphic designers, analysts, software developers and other professionals, joining forces in this endeavour. Not all have boating experience, but all are eager to some quality time aboard and bind by the common goal to provide “Your boating life in one App”.


Design a 360˚ seamless experience

We are here to empower mariners with tools to set new standards for boat management, safety and more. Cruise safe, with peace of mind.

Our mission is to provide a 360˚ seamless experience and unified access of users’ boating data via TheBoatApp. More specifically, to provide to mariners data management of logbook, inventory, documents, checklists and tasks; providing timely alerts, meaningful reports, multi-user share & assign and more; with the TheBoatApp being powered by the TheBoatDB, the centralised database of all user data; including additionally technical boat data and metrics, ratios and even more boat comparisons.


We aspire to the “Marine Data Cloud”. The centre where your marine data live and thrive!

We aspire to the “Marine Data Cloud”. The centre where your marine data live and thrive!

We won’t stop tacking hard towards establishing the “Marine Data Cloud”, the single data repository for mariners worldwide, providing consolidated data (specs, ratios, etc) and management (logbook, inventory, etc), smart-boat IoT systems monitoring (location/fuel/water/bilge/engine/pump sensors, etc). In brief, your marine life, fully catalogued, organised and backed-up, accessible from anywhere on any device, online as well as offline.

Our core values

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We consider empathy and collaboration as key elements to make things happen in a meaningful way. We want, and keep, the full team updated on the big-picture. We believe that a meaningful career means being in touch with the end-product. Knowing what you do, why and for whom, makes people happy and products great!

We advocate of smart work, over plain-hard work, and we strive to adopt best industry practices and tools to do so. We believe that technology can be the means to being more effective and efficient thus we design with this principle in mind. Like fellow seafarers over the globe, we do not have geographic barriers, embracing modern tools facilitating effective online collaboration, already having members of our team thousands miles away and in full-sync and productivity with the rest of the team.

Work with us

Should the aforementioned appeal to your interests and should you wish to join us in our voyage, we would love to hear from you via our online Job Application form. 
Feel free to be as descriptive and extensive as you wish on how you may actively contribute in this great endeavour and make it yours too! All applications are reviewed and applicants are contacted inline with the project’s needs.